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Hi Sunsational team,

Just some terrific feedback after we got the display box and "Sunscreen sold here signs" sales have increased by 5 times from other years.

Holly J, Happy sunscreen retailer




Hi Jenny,

Our event was a roaring success.

Australia wide we raised just over $121,000.00 for the Starlight Foundation.

All staff completed the walk and enjoyed the festivities afterwards.

We are very grateful for your support.

I have attached a series of photots for the Sunsational Sunscreen Testimonials page

Thanks again,

Regards, Rebecca Hawley

Sunsational 30+ Sunscreen: CBRE       Sunsational 30+ Sunscreen: CBRE



I wanted to let you know I get so many wonderful compliments about the Sunsational sunscreen.

I just had to say thanks for a fabulous sunscreen product and service.

Shop in Australia

Sunsational 30+ Sunscreen: CBRE       



Hi Allan,

I live on a property in western Queensland and have two boys with sensitive skin, especially when it comes to sunscreen.  Boys being boys and living on a farm, staying out of the sun is not an option (and keeping a hat on a 1y.o. can be tricky), so I went on a search for an appropriate non-reacting sunscreen and came across sunsational.  Oscar the one year old would go bright red on the application of a number of other suncreens, but Sunsational Sunblock is great, no reactions with skin or eyes and good to wear. Needless to say I am very happy with the product and the whole family uses it now.

Thanks again,

Jody and Gerard Tully

Austin Downs

Sunsational 30+ Sunscreen: CBRE       


Sunsational SPF30+ Sunscreen is a great product. I wanted to get involved and help promote an Australian Sunscreen company. I could not have found such a professional company willing to help me out in return. Sunsational has so many product alternatives for all types of people. I use sunscreen every day of my life; whether it be surfing myself or working at Cronulla Surfing Academy (the surf school), Surfing NSW at events or with Wing Wetsuits – “I need Sunscreen”.

I have used many sunscreens over my life and have found Sunsational to be effective for myself in many ways – it is non greasy, rubs on clear, water resistant and does not sting your eyes like most sunscreens. It is also definitely cost effective for all customers.

I highly recommend this product for all customers whether you are looking to wholesale, export, retail, bulk buy, fundraise or an individual consumer.

Everyone needs sunscreen!!!!

Thanks again,

Regards, Luke

Sunsational 30+ Sunscreen: LukeSunsational 30+ Sunscreen: Luke

PS. That’s me in the pictures ~ “Keep on Surfing”



Hi Jenny, I received the parcel and everything was perfect. Thank you for all your help with this order! Please pass along my thanks to Jeff as well.

Sunsational is such a great product! I just used it on a 9 hour, sun exposed hike in Southern California. I only reapplied once the entire day and had great sun protection for the whole hike.

Best regards,

Tom M



Hey Geoff,

Took your sunscreen to the middle east and thought you might like these photos!

Happy for you to use if it helps your branding.

My thoughts … 'took Sunsational to the middle east, to the middle of the dessert in 40 degree heat and never got burnt once! I'm convinced!'

Best regards

Kathryn MacMillan

MRCSA CAHRI Managing Director

923|Recruitment & HR


Hey Jenny

It is really my pleasure that I have come a cross this Aussie-made sun protection cream. I was reluctant to use UV protection products before, as I felt that they are really greasy and sticky. However, Sunsational is totally light and comfortable on my skin, at the same time, offering fantastic sun protection and it is also clear!

Thanks for making outdoor activities more enjoyable for me! And I will definitely introduce Sunsational sunscreen to my friends. Because it is just great! I am sure this product will become more and more popular!

Best Regards,

Faith Li Sining




I have recently been using your Sunsational Sunscreen and would like to thank you for offering the well priced alternative to the imported sunscreens. I find it to be easily applied, of a good consistency, non greasy and non allergenic. Up to date I have not been able to find a sunscreen that I have been completely satisfied with - It really is a great product.

Sunsational 30+ Sunscreen: Tim & Annabel

Thanks again

Tim Newton

Sydney, Australia



Hello there,

In August, my husband and I went to Angkor Wat for a 4 day trip.

Cambodia is a wonderful place to visit, but the sun was very hot, luckily we had Sunsational SPF30+ Sunscreen cream with us, so we didn't end up with sunburn or a dark skin colour.

The sunscreen has very high protection to prevent the sunrays and the good thing is it's not greasy, and is extremely comfortable on the skin.

Sunsational 30+ Sunscreen: Angel & Husband @ Angkor Wat

I would highly recommend Sunsational Body Care 30+ sunscreen cream for everyday users.

Angel Chang

From Taipei, Taiwan



We completed the 200 kilometer Ride to Conquer Cancer last weekend, 12th and 13th October.

It was an exilarating two days filled with fun, laughter and quite a few challenges along the way.

The attached photo was taken after reaching the finish line.

Thanks again for your generous support. This would not have been possible without your support.

Claudia xx

Sunsational 30+ Sunscreen: CBRE       



Hi guys,

We have been using Sunsational Sunscreen, we use it on ourselves and on our 9 month old son, it isn't greasy and doesn't run as soon as water touches it. It doesn't irritate our sons skin and when it goes into his eyes it doesn't sting or burn unlike some other sunscreens we have used, including Sun Sense and Cancer Council ; ) We have used it down the beach and in the pool and not once has he ever been sunburnt, this is a great thing as we are in the pool or down the beach every week and he loves being in the water.

Thanks for a great sunscreen product,

Tyrone Voigt

Syron Technologies

Sunsational 30+ Sunscreen: CBRE       



Hi Sunsational,

We as a family love this product!!! We are a family with pale skin (2 redheads) and were looking for a product that keeps us safe, we need to look no further as we found Sensational! Thank you for producing a high quality non greasy product we can all use.

Katherine Jane




I am a 68yrs woman who has tried pretty much all the (so called) best skin protection products available. By chance I discovered Sunsational.

This product is the absolute best available in Australia. And it is Australian owned.

It moisturises beautifully, does not make hard to get out stains on black cotton dresses and car steering wheels.

Use Sunsational once and you will never go back.

This is the first time I have ever publically recommended a product.

Sherell Watson




A while ago my husband bought a 200ml tube of your 50+ sunscreen at a Bribie Island bait shop. I have just started using it, and love it as it is genuinely non-greasy, non-whitening & fragrance free (unlike many others I have tried, despite their claims)! We are travelling, so are you able to let me know any north Qld retailers so I can restock? I can't do an online order for several months.

With thanks,

Judith N



Hi Geoff

I spoke to you late last week; I was enquiring where I could buy the above product and you suggested I drop you an email.

I've managed picked up a sample of Sunsational sunscreen and am so impressed with the product, that I want to buy it...

I now wear a SPF50 sunscreen everyday on my face, mainly due to years of sun exposure and the damage that I'm now dealing with.

I have had a lot of trouble finding a suitable sunscreen product mainly due to sensitive skin and eyes. Your stuff "Sunsational sunscreen" ticks all the boxes. For starters it wears really well under makeup. It absorbs and sits on skin really well - no oily residue and feels hydrating, doesn't leave any white film, and best of all, is fragrance free and doesn't sting eyes.

Can you please let me know where I can find it? I am in the north east suburbs of Melbs.

Warm regards

Tracie Campbell



Dear Geoff

I would like to say thank you for your wonderful product. We have a young daughter who has sensitivities to most sunscreens she quite often gets awful rashes and itchyness. We have not had a problem with the sunsational clear sunscreen since we started using it, we find it easy to apply and doesnt make her skin irritable. We also get less complaints from her when applying as it goes on so easy. Happy for you to share this on your web page if you choose too.

Kind regards

Ruby K & Brian C



Hi Geoff,

This has to be the best sunscreen on the market for everyday use on my sensitive skin when I'm in the water either surfing, fishing or even just relaxing by the water. I love the fact that my skin feels completely rejuvenated after I come out of the salt water. Previously through other sunscreens my skin has felt dry and damaged after using it in the salt water. The only downside is finding a place that sells this sunscreen in my area and that has not ran out of stock.

Kind regards,

David Fogelman




I've recently discovered your 50+ sunscreen having bought some to support some fundraising, and love it.

I'd really love to replenish my supply as I think this is the best sunscreen available, and the first ever that doesn't sting my eyes. But looking at your site I'm not sure of prices and if I can purchase small quantities.

Can you please let me know the prices of the 1 and 2-5L pump packs, and the 250ml tubes and if I can order small quantities?





Got the Sunsational sunscreen and I am so impressed with your staff I wanted to let you know.

They were informative, quick and knew what they were talking about.

Sharon Crombwell

Senior buyer (Sunscreen Distributor)




As a skin specialist I have had amazing results with so many clients with various skin conditions using Sunsational sunscreen.

Can I now order pump sunscreen to sell to my clients with families?

Mandy Costa

Skin Specialist




I recently purchased your 50+ clear sunscreen when I was at Funfields adventure park in Victoria and was really impressed by it. I have really fair skin and burn very easily. I have tried many of the other brands and even with other 50+ on, I would still burn, especially when I was in the water. Your sunscreen was fantastic, I didn't get burnt at all and I was exposed to the sun for most of the day aswell as in the water. You have a great product and it especially great to see it is made in Aus.

I am now searching the internet for where to buy more.

Thank You





I recently bought a 100mL Sunsational SPF50+ sunscreen from a Darwin shop, and am very impressed with the refreshing feel and I also used it before putting on make up and it feels just like my everyday moisturiser.

Thanks for the wonderful product, and Sunsational sunscreen is now my favourtie sunscreen brand.





Awesome “SPF50 Sunscreen”! It is the SPF50 sunscreen we prefer to use by Sunsational.

Sunsational sunscreen sells in the shops better than other SPF50 sunscreen brands we supplied before.

Sunsational is an awesome SPF50 sunscreen.

Zoe George

Sunscreen Distributor




My name is Emma, I stayed in Australia last year with working holiday visa.

By chance I bought one of your “Sunsational” 100mL Everyday Family sunscreen in a shop, and I was very happy with the quality as I love going to the beach during the weekends and Sunsational sunscreen had provided me the best sun protection that I needed. I bought some home as souvenirs, and my friends also love the sunscreen.

Unfortunately I still could not find anything like it in my country, can you please tell me if I can buy your products in Taiwan?

Thank you for a wonderful product :)

Emma Chen



Thanks for the best SPF50+ sunscreen we have ever tried.

We would like to buy the full range of SPF50+ sunscreen.

We are happy with your suggested open order.

Sophie Goodson

Buyers Group




I have recently purchased your “SPF50+ sunscreen”, I am very impressed with the absorption and how easy this to apply.

Thank you!

Janice Fang, Sydney



Sunsational is my favourite sunblock. I have looked everywhere for a sunblock that does not give me a rash, I purchased your sunblock in Europe, can you tell me a place in Gosford so I can purchase your sunblock. I am a big fan of the Sunsational brand.

Phil Dowson




Sunsational Sunscreen has been the most popular for my customers.

They say Sunsational sunscreen stands out on the shelf and is informative.

Happy to share the feedback.

Mia Lucas-Director

An Australian Wholesaler



The Sunsational sunblock is so much better than the sunblock I buy in America.

Have you got a sunblock supplier in Japan as my friend liked the Sunsational travel size sunblock I sent her?

Adam Andrews




Hi Jenny,

Thank you for the small travel size sunscreen, it feels lovely on the skin. It will be perfect for our event we are holding next week.

Amanda Christensen



The small sunscreen was so popular with the customers. They are really wonderful and the best sunscreen for “travel pocket size”.

Cindy Tan



Top service, price, and sunscreen. I will tell everyone that you believe spray on sunscreens would be more effective if also rubbed in.

Philippa Pope



I am writing to say thank you for looking after our sunscreen exports over the last 5 years, it has been a pleasure dealing with you and Sunsational Body Care.

Bradley Sim

European Importer/Exporter



Top marks ten out of ten for Sunsational sunscreen, we were buying Nivea and to let you know it is made in Thailand of all places.

Every worker would prefer to use Sunsational. Good to see an Australian made product.

Dr Brent Webber



It was a pleasure dealing with you and your company.

The "2 in 1 Sunscreen with insect repellent" is the most effective up to date.

Mario Santos



The advice you gave our company on the best insect repellent to use for our workers was spot on, and you were correct in saying we didn't need a bug repellent with deet in it.

Bob Turner



OMG! What service. My sunscreen arrived today.

Thanks guys.



BBE Wholesalers



As an Australian we have many sunscreens on the market. But Sunsational actually stands out from the rest! I don’t know how many times I have bought sunscreen that promised a non greasy formula and it wasn’t.

Sunsational delivers what it promises with an added bonus of 30+ SPF and it being perfect for sensitive skin.

Warm regards

Melanie McCartney

Randwick, Sydney, Australia



Thank you for the best sunscreen I have ever used.

Sunscreen with Zinc always gives me a bad rash, Sunsational is the best sunscreen and I will suggest it to all my friends.

A very big thank you

Justin Russo



Our team were surprised at the sell through of Sunsational sunscreen, it even out sold the cheap discounted and big name brand sunscreens. Thanks for asking us to be one of your distributors.

Alan Johnson




I was so happy with your sunscreen products “Sunsational”, you have made the best sunscreen, and the reason we like Sunsational is that it is an invisible sunscreen and without the fragrance.


Mary Smart



Your sunscreen is a real hit with our customers, can I now order 5 large 1 litre pump sunscreens to be delivered today.

Thanks for the good service.

Paul Hartman



Your sunscreen products are great and we get a lot of positive feedback.


Sports Events




As an online retailer, I deal with a lot of suppliers and it is such as pleasure to work with Sunsational Sunscreen.

I can depend on them to be in stock and get deliveries quick, pricing is very competitive, and the product feedback always gets a rating of 5 out of 5.

I would highly recommend Sunsational as a sunscreen brand supplier.

Lisa Masters



Hi again,

The products we sold to our customers have had a great response, I would like to triple our order and attached is our purchase order.

Looking forward to a great working relationship with you.

John Hastings

Wholesale Company Australia (company name withheld)



Wow "Very Good" Sunprotection! My boy suffers from a really bad skin condition but loves his outdoor sports.

My friend uses Sunsational in Spain where I live now, and it is the first sunscreen that he has put on with no side effects of rashes, etc.

My question is do you make a larger sunscreen tube?


Steve Lambert




Fundraising with your sunscreen had a very very positive response by our school and I would recommend a Sunsational Sunprotection Fundraiser to any school or sports club.
“Very helpful, friendly and professional organisation”!

Ron Montgomery



Hi there,

I live in Texas, USA where it's always sunny. Wearing sunscreen is essential to prevent skin cancer. I tried the new product-Sunsational SPF 30+ Sunscreen. It protected from UVA/UVB. I do not feel greasy when I apply this sunscreen cream. I also like the clear scent of the product. I really love this product.

Angela Chow

Texas, USA



If you want down to earth reliable service and back up, this is the company.

I have been a wholesaler for many years and absolutely no other supplier comes any where near these guys as a supplier. So contact them if you want to work long term with a switched on, go ahead and execellent helpful company.

Theo's Wholesale



Hi Jenny,

Thanks for all your wonderful genuine advice last week, I am writing to you as I saw on your website you like good feedback.

I am a big fan of Sunsational sunscreen as it has such a wonderful feel and it truly doesn't feel like you are wearing sunscreen, and the moisturiser is the best I have used up to date.

Hi to everyone who is reading this, it is a very good sunscreen, you will enjoy using Sunsational.

Lisa Peterson

Adelaide, Australia




The Sunsational 30+ sun block or sunscreen is very popular with the families at the fundraiser that they wanted to do another fundraiser with you and requested it to be Sunsational.

The feedback families gave me is that your sunscreen doesn't run, it is fragrance free and the boys really made a big point about that and every one said it feels the best out of all the sunscreens they have used, so could you contact me about another fundraiser?

Anne (withheld for privacy reasons)

Victoria, Australia



Hi Jenny,

Thank you for introducing the sunscreen cream, SunSational 30+!! As I am in my mid-40's and surf in the hot sun a lot, my concern on my complexion to keep looking youthful is a major job and worry. And I know I'm talking for all mid-40's here. However, since I have been using SunSational 30+, I have noticed it is really easy to maintain my young (less wrinkly) looks. The cream is non-greasy and very easy to apply, best of all it doesn't sting my eyes while I surf. Well, this is one product that will live in our house! :-)

Suzan @ Maroubra Beach!!



Visiting my local shop last month to purchase sun protection “sunscreen”. I asked the owner what sunscreen would you suggest, out of about 9 brands he said your Sunsational SPF 30+ sunscreen has had really positive feedback from customers so I tried it.

We used your sun protection sunscreen when we were fixing our backyard up for a party, we were so surprised that we were not sunburnt at all after “5” hours out in the direct sun light between 10am to just after 3pm. The reason I am writing is to ask where can my friend purchase your product in Melbourne.

It is a terrific sunscreen.


Sydney, Australia



I was recommended to you by a New Zealand business owner.

He said your products are exceptional value for money and told me you are looking for distributors for the New Zealand market.

I am interested in your Australian made Sunsational sunscreen range.

Ben Turner



After someone has contacted us with some great feedback, we have then asked if they could send a photo of themselves so you know they are real people. So let us know what you think and send us a photo.